Good To Talk at Berghain Kantine

Good To Talk 2019 was dedicated on the search for new forms of presenting and talking about art and the interaction of art with other sectors. Answers to these questions can be found not only in the classical art business, but also in science, technology and business, among other areas.
Actors from the arts, business, media and the tech industry, but also from other areas such as bodywork or entertainment, are invited to attend. The initiators are deliberately leaving the beaten track with this interdisciplinary programme. Their aim is to address a broad audience interested in art. The format also aims to offer galleries, initiatives and art actors a platform for the mediation of art outside the usual structures of the art business and to promote the exchange of ideas among each other.

Quantum Polymorphic Sensibilities

A performance by Johanna Bruckner (artist), 2019
Performance / Stage

An Artist Walks Into A Bar… – About art and comedy

A spotlight by Ingrid Wenzel
(art historian, illustrator and stand-up comedian)
Spotlight / EN / Stage

AI Or No AI: That Is The Question! – How artificial intelligence influences art and creativity

A conversation with Sabine Himmelsbach (director HEK Basel), Christian Schulze (artist) and Johannes Grabisch (founder and chief AI strategist at AI-Deploy) Moderation: Anne Schwanz (OFFICE IMPART)
Panel / DE / Stage

Art And Fashion – The new friendship?

A conversation with Luisa Kleemann and Alina Rentsch (artists and Mart Stam winners) and Eric Winkler (artist) · Moderation: Christiane Meixner (editor Weltkunst)
Panel / DE /Stage

“Please, Don’t Give Me What I Want.” (Kat Frankie) Or: Bursting the bubble

A spotlight by Conny Lohmann
(co-founder and CEO Ask Helmut)
Spotlight / DE / Stage

Strings, 2010

A work by Annika Kahrs (artist)
Film screening / Stage

Learning To Fail: Intro why failure is so important

A spotlight by Ralf Kemmer
(FuckUp Night Berlin)
Spotlight / DE / Stage

Art Hacking Business – How art can create value for enterprises

A panel with Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg (professor for public and nonprofit-management at University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin), Paul Bankewitz (director of creative innovation at Factory Berlin) and Dr. Uli Schmitz (managing director at Axel Springer Digital Ventures) · Moderation: Thea Dymke Panel / DE / Stage

Taming of the Shrew? – New perspectives on artists in businesses

A spotlight by Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg (professor for public and nonprofit-management at University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin)
Spotlight / DE / Stage

Cultural Lab – About VW fellowships using the example of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg: New ways of art mediation

A spotlight by Prof. Dr. Susanne Pfleger (Director, Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg)
Spotlight / DE / Stage

New Alliances – Looking for models to join forces of start-ups, founders and the art scene

A talk with Tanja Wagner (gallerist), Markus Hannebauer (founder and collector) and Katharina Kurz (founder of BRLO BIER and collector) Moderation: Elke Buhr (chief editor Monopol Magazin)
Panel / DE / Stage

Gallery Delivery – A group exhibition and a performance that can be ordered online

An introduction by Sebastian Schmieg (artist)
Intro / EN / Stage

Art In Times Of Its Digital Production – How do you produce, collect and most importantly sell something that is immaterial, copyable and has an unpredicted half-life?

A conversation with Dennis Rudolph (artist), Annka Kultys (gallerist), Harm van den Dorpel (artist and founder of left gallery · Moderation: Anna Brüggemann (actress and author)
Panel / EN / Stage

Depending On Positions – An AR exhibition

An introduction by Johanna Neuschäffer (OFFICE IMPART) to the augmented reality exhibition by Sam Alexander Mattacott, Dennis Rudolph, Tristan Schulze 17 – 19h, fireplace
Intro / DE / Stage

Paint And Pixels – About digital creativity and the courage to experiment with new tools

A spotlight by Julian Adenauer (Retune Creative Technology GmbH)
Spotlight / DE / Stage

BÄM! Talks: STRUCTURE(s) – Exchange and work on topics such as gender, diversity, participation and politics in art and design education.

A talk with Luise Pilz (And She Was Like: BÄM!) and Lisa Baumgarten (Teaching Design).
Panel / DE / Stage

The Technological Hand – Technological strategies and processes of transformation in contemporary art

A discussion with Spiros Hadjidjanos (artist) and Markus Kramer (author) Moderation: Daniel Marzona (gallerist) Panel / DE / Stage

Medusa: Floating Body – What relevance do dreamy freedom impulses have today?

A talk with Marco Biermann (artist), Tomas Kleiner (artist), Verena Meis (Theatre and literary scholar) and Florian Kuhlmann (
Panel / DE / Stage


An encounter between an artist and a bodytherapist Karoline Pfeiffer (somatic body worker) and Nahum (artist)
Lecture Performance / EN / Stage

Blind Spots – Roadtripping 30 years after the fall

A conversation with Falk Haberkorn (artist) and Sven Johne (artist) Moderation: Sabine Jainski (filmmaker and journalist)
Panel / DE / Stage

Eee Tee – Textile artworks ready-to-wear

An introduction by Eric Winkler (artist) Stand open 14 – 17h, fireplace
Intro / DE / Stage

From Art World(s) To Art Industry – Key findings from the art market today

A spotlight by Kate Brown (artnet)
Spotlight / EN / Stage

Newbies Welcome! – How to reach the next generation of art collectors

A talk with Constance Van Berckel (AXS ART, Art Tours Berlin) and Lukas Weisheit (Minute16)
Talk / EN / Stage